Aerosol Shield


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Dental offices have always been on the first line of contact with respiratory infections. Dental

workflow often generates immense amounts of aerosol that we struggle to control. In the current pandemic

situation, we all need more protection against respiratory viruses (as COVID-19)

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● A lightweight, clear shield for dental units, that makes a physical barrier to help reduce


● It is removable and can be used in any case as a precaution

● It is cleanable with disinfectants – Isopropyl alcohol, Isorapid spray

● Reusable and easy cleaned


● For covering patients in dental offices

● Help aerosol reduction


● Lightweight material

● Easily cleaned

● Reusable

● Long service life use

Storage conditions

● Protect against heat, moisture and direct sunlight

Use & Handling

● Hold the shield carefully to avoid getting scratched by the edges

● Avoid scratches of synthetic leather by the edges


● The dental unit shield is not a medical tool!

● Do not apply to much pressure when handling the shield to avoid breakage

As Orthodontists, we create smiles that change lives!

The protection of our patients and our staff has always been our top priority!

Created for your safety by Galin Gavrilov DDS, MSC in Orthodontics